Our mission is to create, simplify, and increase environmental advocacy via education, funding scientific research, campaign financing support, marketing sustainable products and services, and exposing corporate corruption throughout the United States.

Through improved access to advocacy tools, decision makers, and like-minded activists, Eco Action creates new areas of activism and brings existing groups and organizations together, in order to generate massive political changes in regulations and policy through education and inspiration. Petitions, letter writing campaigns, representative voting history, descriptions of campaign financing and endorsements throughout the years, as well as lobbyist connections, allow Eco Action to provide one of the most effective environmental advocacy organizations in America.

These goals are achieved by researching proposed regulations, seeking out existing corruption, and describing the U.S. government’s intentions, as well as paths to prevent unsustainable propositions from becoming Bills. ‘Environmentally Friendly’ or ‘Green Bills’ will be supported by this organization until passed. Eco Action will also endorse specific candidates, products, and services, depending on donation and fundraising effectiveness. Through articles and marketing of green products and services, Eco Action also provides examples and instructions on how sustainable living can be achieved.

Our goal is to change the environment through policies and assist legal alternatives in the interest of people and the environment. We focus on optimizing human health via environmental conservation. Furthermore, Eco Action holds organizations, individuals, groups, and companies responsible for their actions by exposing their individual harms against the ecosystem over time. Functionally, Eco Action improves information sharing, access to decision makers, and like-minded activist connections via direct emails, text messages, and online membership. Website components allow members to send letters, petitions, and emails to representatives, and companies directly responsible for harms against the environment.

Thus, while funding scientific and political research, Eco Action seeks ecological solutions to common problems and provides campaign financing for representatives with sustainable platforms, in order to achieve a viable future for our children. Ultimately, this organization understands that we cannot ensure human existence without preserving the human environment. Eco Action undergoes this responsibility and the actions necessary to ensure a sustainable future for the United States of America.


Chris Rondinelli

board member

Through meticulous planning, Chris will help Eco Action with proper resource dispersal and investmenst, based on the organization’s mission of environmental and human health research combined with advocacy.

Serena Bond

board member

Serena wants to combine her safety background with human services experience to achieve better, more efficient ways in obtaining and maintaining safety for children and families via environmental and political action.

Charles Getty

board member

Bio Coming Soon.

Cori Nicole Wamsley

Editor in Chief

Adam N. Wilburn

Chief Operating Officer

Rachel Rakovan

Chief Executive Officer

David Wilson

Chief Information Officer

Tommy Mitchell Hall